Friday, October 22, 2010

Where are you partying this Halloween?

Come October 31st and you can feel and see an upsurge in activity in your city. The reason is simple; it is Halloween and you don’t need any excuse today to set off to your favorite holiday destination or to enjoy a party with your friends. People in their Halloween costumes visit friends and relatives and enjoy Halloween recipes.

Halloween is a much awaited time for celebration. It is a holiday and several events are planned in different cities around the globe. The Halloween celebrations around the world for 2010 are expected to be equally interesting and exciting. Make the celebrations far more exciting and fun-filled by trying something different this year.

Venture outdoors and explore places that you have always wanted to. You can limit your holiday destination to the nearby haunted houses or choose to move out of your hometown.

Irrespective of the place you are traveling to, the destination has to be essentially a spooky, eerie, and mysterious one, if it a haunted house you are visiting. Some visit these places for the sake of fun while others love to believe that something paranormal and occult exists in these places.

You can also travel to many holiday destinations, which are rightfully known as Halloween destinations. Try out something different this Halloween. Instead of staying back at home and enjoying the Halloween costume parties, and trick and treating, try visiting some of these places this year on Halloween. Make your vacation a spooky one.

  • New Orleans
Set off for a haunted history tour to French Quarters. The place is infamous for vampires, voodoo, and ghosts.
  • Salem in Massachusetts
You can visit the Salem Witch Museum. Don’t miss out on House of Seven Gables.

Other destinations in United States are Outer Banks in North Carolina, San Antonio, and San Francisco.

If you wish to extend your Halloween holiday celebrations for few more days, you can also travel to distant places in Europe.

Generally speaking, Halloween destinations you can visit in Europe include the following–
  • Palermo
Plan a trip to Palermo. Visit Capuchin Catacombs. It is believed that this place has mummies that are more than 500 years old. Interestingly, these mummies remain suspended from the walls.

  • Prague
Prague has many ancient buildings and monuments. Stories of mass execution are not uncommon here. Visit the Old Jewish Cemetery where the graves are placed one top of another. This arrangement was done due to shortage of space. It is not a very pleasant feeling to be all alone after dusk in this graveyard. Other destinations in Europe are Paris, Venice, and Edinburgh.

Halloween is celebrated in different ways around the globe. For instance, during Halloween celebration in Germany, people prefer to keep away their knives on this day. This is done as a precautionary measure so that the dead souls returning to earth on this day for the celebrations don’t get hurt accidentally.

Halloween celebration in Austria involves people place bread and water on a table with a lamp close by. It is believed that it welcomes the dead souls.

Halloween is oftentimes referred to as Day of the Dead. It gets its name from “All Hallow Eve’s” as it falls on the eve of “All Hallows” Day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Which is your honeymoon destination?

Are you looking for a perfect holiday destination for your honeymoon? There are a number of romantic places in the world, but you should go for the one, which suits your taste, budget, and style. Generally, people prefer a less crowded place for a romantic vacation. All the popular holiday destinations are heavily crowded during the peak season. The climate plays a very important role in your travel plan. For example, if you go to a tropical country during the summer, you may not explore the place, as you could during spring or winter seasons. Hotels and accommodations play another vital part. Honeymoon couples look for a relaxing and compact lodging option, where they can get all the services under one roof. A hotel with spa facility would be perfect for them. Given below are some suggestions on the best honeymoon destinations for 2011:

Caribbean Islands: Caribbean Islands are one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. The romantic couples love the vast white beaches, temperate weather, and pristine turquoise water. Caribbean cruise is one of the focuses of the tour to Caribbean Islands. The best time to visit the place is between January and April.

Hawaii: Do you want to visit a place, where you can find beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, delicious cuisine, volcanic planes, and a number of historic sites? You can find all these in one country. Hawaii is one of the most popular romantic getaways in USA.

Tahiti: Tahiti is an island paradise with sun, surf, and sand. The Tahitian villages linger the peacefulness and rich cultural heritage while the beaches are the haven for snorkeling, swimming, and boating. Relax and spend some quality time with your partner at the Polynesian spas in Tahiti.

Paris: Paris, the City of Light, is an ideal romantic destination for those, who want it in a polished and stylish way. Paris is considered as the most romantic city on the earth. Be it the historical Eiffel tower or the Champs-Élysées; the romantic sunset cruise or the Luxembourg gardens, Paris has a lot in store for the newly married couples. Do not forget to shop for your sweetheart at the posh and high end street stores in Paris.

Happy Honeymoon!!