Friday, September 2, 2011

Seven Most Dangerous Holiday Destinations For 2011

One can always get many words of wisdom when it comes to suggesting a holiday destination, but where not to go, is seldom told. The last thing that you would want on a vacation is to catch a stomach infection or to be trapped in a communal riot, so before leaving for a dream destination why not do a little research on the places one should avoid, simply because of the contradictory temperaments between that place and you.

1. Haiti
The 2010 catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, near its capital Port-au-Prince is still shockingly shiver inducing, because of the great number of deaths, and thereby making it a dangerous place for someone who wants to spend some quality time in peace. The same place is also accused of having civil unrest and a high kidnapping rate.
2. Somalia
The small country in the eastern Africa, Somalia, is also charged with same problems. Hooliganism and trafficking of weapons and narcotics is a daily activity, making the security services almost ineffective. Various militant groups like Al-shabaab have been trying to overthrow the government for its Islamic laws, disrupting the safety and peace of the country.
3. Pakistan
Pakistan is probably most threatening in terms of safety, as there are constant firing, killings and bombings going on. The militant groups like Al-Qaeda have made a permanent abode in this country and have made it impossible for someone to come and explore the tradition and beauty of the places, peacefully.
4. Antarctica
Antarctica, the ice covered continent, in the southern hemisphere, inhabiting about 1000 people only, is a quite dangerous place, with its literally biting cold temperature and no sufficient medical aid. It is a place of priority for the researchers but the common traveler is not mentally prepared to embrace what Antarctica has to offer.
5. Andaman Islands
In the south Andaman Islands, the risk of swine flu and other infectious diseases is great, and though the Island has built resorts in the nearby ares for tourism, it is not a good option to get yourself within such a close proximity to deadly diseases. The local tribe, Jarawa, has contracted much of it and fights daily battle with it. It is highly suggested to rather go somewhere which provides ample health measures.
6.  Australia
One would hardly expect Australia to be a part of this list, but it is not sensible enough to ignore the deadly reasons for not considering it as a holiday destination , and that is because of its poisonous snakes and other creatures like crocodiles, box jelly-fish and spiders. One would not even get to know when the insects will creep next to you, and if you can't have a relaxing time on a holiday without worrying about such things, then why choose such a place.
7. Japan
An Island country, Japan is one of the worst hit country when it comes to drastic weather conditions and disasters like earthquake, tsunami and the usual typhoons. The recent destruction caused by the continuous earthquakes and tsunami, together has given us a reason to think twice before choosing it for a holiday destination, despite of its natural beauty because even on a holiday, one would prefer to remain safe making us include Japan in this list.