Friday, November 12, 2010

Which destination to holiday this winter?

With Winter knocking at the door everyone is planning for their dream holidays. It gets difficult to make a choice between white winter and sandy winter holidays. There are many winter holiday destinations across the world. Some of them are ideal for beach holidays while some are the perfect destinations for skiing holidays. Some of the most popular winter vacation spots are mentioned below:

Skiing holiday destinations 

If you want to witness the paramount beauty of the mountains along with some fun adventure experience, ski resorts of France, Italy, and Switzerland would be ideal for you. Esprit Ski is a perfect skiing holiday destination on the backdrop of Alps for family holidays. For budgeted skiing holiday, you can opt for French Alps mountain resorts.

No place can lure you more other than the Caribbean Islands during winter. The islands such as Barbados, Bermuda, Tobago, Grenada, and Jamaica offer you a fun holiday for you and your near and dear ones. The specialty of winter holidays in these islands is the amazing range of water sports. Apart from that, every Caribbean Island has something unique and different to offer to tourists. For example, Bermuda is a driver’s paradise, Grenada is famous for nature holidays, and Tobago is preferred for its white sandy beaches. Some other beach holiday destinations are Australia, Miami, and Las Vegas.

Safari holidays

How about a safari holiday during the winter holiday 2010! Safari holidays can be either desert safaris or wildlife safaris. Both of these trips would attract all during the winter season. Some of the best wildlife safari destinations for winter season are Kenya, India, Botswana, and Argentina. If you pick is desert safari, you can choose from Egypt, Dubai, and Libya.

Tropical islands

Tropical islands are the perfect place for winter holidays, especially for those, who are looking for fun, colors, activities, and amazing cuisine at one place. Mauritius, Seychelles, and Maldives are the most popular tropical islands. Be it the sandy beaches, the water sports, the friendly locals, the five star hotels and resorts, amazing seafood, and shopping places… these tropical islands are the ideal antidote for winter vacations.

Cheap winter holiday destinations

If you are looking for a cheap wintry vacation, you can opt for Africa. There are a number of destinations in this continent, which can offer you splendid traveling experience within the limitations of your wallet. The Red Sea resorts in Egypt and Gambia are perfect for cheap holidays. You will be amazed with the white sandy beaches and wildlife outings, offered by these African countries.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to holiday with Friends?

Holiday season is all set to begin and you must be busy planning out things to do with your friends during this time of the year. If too many ideas are flooding your mind, making it difficult to pick the right choice, don’t bother. Stop for a while and let it wander free. We have some excellent holiday ideas for friends, especially for you.

Since Christmas season is about to kick start, you can ask your friends to help you decorate Xmas tree. You all can go and get exclusive Christmas ornaments and figurines. Not only this, you can also decide on the tree decoration theme. Finally, when all the preparations and decorations are done, you and your friends will surely enjoy this experience.

One of the main highlights of any holiday season is food. We all love delicious treats and never mind getting little experimental with our taste buds. So, this holiday season, why don’t you try something different? Instead of waiting for someone else to cook for you, a good idea would be to wear the chef’s hat yourselves. Right from buying ingredients and cooking to serving dishes, do everything on your own with friends. It will be very exciting.

Holidays are also synonymous with shopping. So, if you want, you can indulge in this with your friends. You don’t necessarily have to buy something. Hop from one store to another and enjoy window shopping.

All these holiday ideas for friends are fun exploring. And, in case, you need other options, vacation trips will be a good choice. You can organize a picnic in a nearby park or garden. If you think that one or two day trip to a neighboring holiday destination will be more interesting, go for this. Discuss with friends about the nature of the trip. If you all are adventure seekers, activities like climbing, hiking, para-gliding and boating will be perfect. Else, you can opt for a leisure trip to a scenic place to enjoy privacy and fun.