Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year Celebrations 2011

New Year is the perfect time for celebration, countdown parties, events, music, dancing, fireworks and champagne. This is undoubtedly the biggest celebration of the year which sees the last few hours of the old year passing away and the beginning of a shining New Year. The occasion is marked with New Year ideas, parties, resolutions, gifts, greetings and many more exciting activities. It expected that New Year celebrations 2011 will also be marked with exciting and entertaining events and activities. Everyone wants to do something special on this occasion. In 2011 also, New Year around the world will be celebrated with same kind of enthusiasm and vigor.

New Year celebrations 2011 will indeed be special. Here we briefly discuss about these celebrations in few holiday destinations like Dubai,Singapore.

New Year celebrations in Dubai are marked with parties, musical events, stage performances, desert safaris and many more exciting activities. This festive occasion is celebrated in a grand manner in JW Marriott Hotel in Dubai. There will be no exception in 2011 also. If you want to celebrate in a traditional manner, you can choose Cucina, an ethnic corner in the hotel. Whatsoever, the celebrations begin at 7.30 PM on the New Year’s Eve and continues till 3 am, next morning. If you are in Dubai during this time of the year, you can also visit Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club to take part in a grand celebration. Apart from this, a large number of New Year packaged tours are also available for you to choose from.

New Year celebrations in Singapore are filled with fun and entertainment. You have a variety of partying options available to you in this city state. So, if you have plan to celebrate the occasion in Singapore, start making your party plans early. A large number of exciting events are held in the country on this festive occasion.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Attractive Ideas for New Year

New Year is the perfect time for festivity and celebration. It is one of the biggest festivals in the world. New Year celebration has no regional and religion bounds. The festival has got a secular look and is observed all over the world, cutting across different religions. Every time, during this festive time, people across the globe come out with new and unique festive ideas.

 New Year Ideas 2011
The New Year ideas show the originality and the thinking power of the creator. It takes a lot of efforts and skills to emerge out with attractive ideas for New Year. It can be New Year gift ideas, New Year message ideas, unique shopping ideas or unique ideas for New Year parties.

Gift ideas
This festive occasion is the perfect time to give gifts to the near and dear ones. It can be traditional gifts such as flowers and jewelry or decorative ideas such as calendars, showpieces and wall hangings. Whatsoever, truly attractive gift ideas could be gift baskets, wine, cake and chocolate. Gift baskets have indeed become very popular. These are indeed trendy and innovative. The baskets may contain perfumes, electronic products or wrist watches.

Message ideas
New Year is the perfect time to greet each other. Electronic messages and card messages are exchanged during this festive time. One can indeed make the message more attractive and personalized, by adding his or her personal touches to it. 

Shopping ideas
This festive season is marked with shopping extravaganza. The stores are filled with a variety of items and shopping materials during this time of the year. You can visit various shops to come up with nice shopping ideas. These days, however, people have indeed become very busy.  For them, online shopping facility is very handy. A large number of online shopping sites are there with attractive range of products.  After thoroughly browsing through these websites, you can come up with attractive New Year shopping ideas.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Traditions around the World

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and Carols fill the evening air as people gear up for the Christmas celebrations around the world on Christmas Eve. Children and elders are glad to see the decorated thoroughfares that never look this good on other days.

Although Christmas is not celebrated on December 25th in all the countries, but fervor of the celebrations is really captivating and you will find people enjoying and observing the Christmas traditions around the world with the same enthusiasm irrespective of whether it is celebrated on December 25th or January 6th/7th.

Christmas Traditions in Italy
Christmas celebrations in Italy begin 4 Sundays before Christmas. Presepio or Manger Scene is set up in every household. For 9 days (Novena), members of the family gather around the manger and pray. Candles are also lit. Santa Claus in Italy is known as Babbo Natale or Father Christmas. When we speak about Santa, how can gifts be far behind? Christmas celebrations are incomplete without good food. In addition to other dishes, Pannettone, a cake made of yeast is included in almost all Christmas menus.

Christmas Traditions in Chile
Chileans celebrate Christmas in summer. On Christmas Eve people visit churches for Xmas mass. Decorations include lighting Xmas trees and decorating it with brightly colored stars and bells. Viejito Pascuero is Santa in Chile. A special dessert known as Pan de Pascua is served to guests and prepared at home especially on this occasion.

Christmas Traditions in America
Starting from Las Vegas Strip to New York City, the Christmas celebrations and traditions observed in USA are sure to mesmerize you. In addition to visiting churches and decorating homes and Christmas trees, children eagerly wait for Santa and make sure they have kept their stockings ready so that Santa can keep gifts in them. Visiting friends and peers, enjoying parties at nightclubs, pubs, and discotheque are other activities Americans love to engage themselves in during Christmas.

Lighting and firework displays, innumerable shows, events, and parties keep you busy on this special day and with your special people around. Christmas traditions around the world  are observed differently .

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Holidays in Europe

Some regions of Europe experience heavy snowfall. This natural phenomenon is the reason behind the existence of some of the great tourist spots in the world.  These places offer different types of activities like ice skating, skiing and many more things related to ice. However, sometimes unusual snowfall takes the form of natural disaster.
This year, in end November, the European continent witnessed unprecedented snowfall. Almost three weeks ahead of the scheduled arrival of winter season, the Europe has been severely battered by unusually cold weather and heavy snow. This unusual phenomenon has adversely disrupted the public transportation as well as tourism industry just before the onset of the festive season of Christmas and New Year.  Air traffic in major airports in the continent has been hit badly. In Germany’s Frankfurt, the largest airport in Europe, nearly one-fifth of the flights had to be cancelled or rescheduled. Air traffic in UK, Scotland was also affected adversely. France experienced record low temperatures, disrupting normal life. Italy, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Spain also experienced record lows.

Winter Holidays in Europe
.You can not do much to control natural disaster. But, in normal times, you can definitely enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of this continent in the backdrop of crystal clear snows. A large number of ski resorts are there in different parts of Europe to make your winter holiday trip to Europe a memorable experience. Popular places for  winter holiday destinations  in Europe could be Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Ski & Snowboard Resorts in European Countries
So fix your mind and make the right choice of destination for ski trip. Here, you will get information about some ski resorts in Europe.

Lech, Austria
This is one of the most expensive resorts in Europe. It offers wonderful skiing opportunities with English-speaking instructors. Austria experiences one of the longest snow season in Europe and a large number of tourists flock to this place every season.

Bansko, Bulgaria
This is an ideal location for the unskilled skiers. More than 60% of the skiing opportunities are for the beginners and the intermediates. Another important feature of this ski-resort is its easy affordability.

Wengen, Switzerland
It houses one of the Europe’s most famous ski schools. Here you can learn the art of skiing in a fun filled way. This is located at the north side of Eiger

Cortina, Italy
This is one of the best ski resorts in Italy. It offers amazing and magnificent views over the Dolomites. This offers skiing opportunities for the skilled as well as the unskilled.
All these holiday destinations will   make your winters more memorable  and enjoyable.