Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holiday Insurance

Whenever you are traveling in your country or in any other country ,traveling involves some risk.After reaching your desired destination, you may encounter some untoward situations. Or sometimes you may have to return to your base town in the middle of your travel due to some emergency. In some cases, a medical crisis may require immediate hospitalization. In most cases, your existing insurance policies are not sufficient to offer you adequate coverage for these risks at the time of the travel. Without adequate insurance coverage, you may be exposed to significant financial losses. So, if you are planning a safe and enjoyable journey, opting  for a holiday insurance scheme is must.

There are various travel operators that provides holiday insurance or travel insurance like Thomas cook ,Direct holidays and even tesco provides holiday insurance.

  • Thomas Cook Insurance:-Thomas Cook is one of the leading travel operators in the world. It has been offering insurance cover to the travelers across the globe since more than 150 years. The comprehensive travel insurance policies offered by Thomas Cook make sure that you enjoy your travel peacefully and in a hazard free way.Their major holiday insurance policy includes annual insurance,single trip insurance,ski insurance and family insurance.

  • Direct Holiday Insurance:-The Direct holiday insurance policies are affordable and easily accessible. The Direct holiday insurance policies are affordable and easily accessible. The company offers a wide range of insurance plans. Not only that, every effort is made to keep the premiums low. Single Trip, Annual Travel, Ski Insurance, and Backpacker Insurance are few types of travel insurance policies offered by the company. The Underwriter for Direct Travel Insurance is Chartis Insurance UK Ltd.

  • Holiday insurance Tesco  includes different types of policies catering to the needs of diversified travelers. Policies range from single trip policy, annual multi trip policy as well as European & worldwide coverage for individuals, couples or families. Aside from the single trip and the annual multi trip insurance products, this retail giant also offers various winter sports insurance products. The winter sports insurance products include winter activities such as snowboarding on-piste and skiing.Tesco holiday insurance is offered by Ageas Insurance Limited.

There are several holiday insurance policies  available before availing any one of them you must sit down with your tour operator or with holiday insurance company to select the best policy that caters your all needs.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Exotic Wedding Holiday Destinations

A holiday is probably the best way of celebrating the most special affair and the significant day of one’s life, wedding.With time, more and more couples are showing an interest towards an abroad location for a vow-exchanging ceremony.If wedding is considered the most important day in one’s life, the holiday following the ceremony is referred as the most memorable and special vacation of a lifetime. Usually, couples plan destination wedding keeping in mind the fact of integrating their holidays with the ceremony.The concept of exchanging your vows and enjoying a vacation at the same destination has offered much popularity to the idea of wedding holidays.

Popular wedding holiday’s destinations

Wedding in Bali :  Be it a simple ceremony or a grand affair, Bali with its pleasant climate, romantic beaches, and beautiful churches is sure to offer you a fascinating tropical wedding experience. Some of the most popular Bali wedding locations include Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Lovina, and Jimbaran.

Wedding in Greece :This  land features a number of destinations and setting of celebrating your wedding that includes a sunset ceremony at Santorini, barefoot beach wedding in Zakynthos, elegant ceremony at the chapels and villas, and many more.

Wedding in Cyprus : With breath-taking scenic views, pleasant climatic condition, and wonderful destinations, this country is often considered a top pick wedding destination by the couples. Some of the most popular Cyprus wedding locations include paphos,  pissouri,  protaras ,larnaca, limassol.

Wedding in Europe :Blessed with a host of exotic locations offering the best blend of natural, cultural, and historic appeal featuring a strong tourism and wedding appeal, wedding holidays in Europe is sure to offer the best experience of a lifetime.Some of the best wedding destinations in europe are as follows:-
1) Italy

 Be it in a spectacular beach, a luxurious resort, or an elegant chapel, the world is filled with romantic venues settled in idyllic locations to make your ultimate dream of wedding holidays come true. A number of planners or coordinators have re-designed their wedding packages to cater to couples having a plan of holiday in mind.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Holiday Destinations in India

India is famous for its diversity ,while your visit to india you can explore snow-dusted mountains to sun-washed beaches, tranquil temples to feisty festivals.The Indian subcontinent is located in the southern part of the Asian continent enclosed by Pakistan, Nepal and China. India is bounded in the north by the Himalayan mountain range, the highest chain of mountains in the world. The breathtaking valleys nestled at the foothills of India are home to the northernmost part of the country. In the southern parts of the country, tropical rain forests, expansive plateaus and extensive desert areas are present, the western and eastern coastlines of India being fringed with gorgeous sandy beaches.

Top holiday destinations in India  :-

Khajuraho:- is an example of rich culture heritage.It is located in the madhya pradesh.Khajuraho is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Khajuraho is one of the best tourist destinations famous for its sculptures, temples and architecture.These temples were constructed in between 950 – 1050 A.D. The name Khajuraho came from the tree “Khajur” (the date palm tree) which is found in good number in this region.You can see several beautifully engraved sculptures on the walls of the temples. The perfect balance between architecture and sculpture surely enchants you.

Coorg:-This place is known for its timeless beauty.This place is situated on the Western Ghats about 252 kms from Bangalore in Karnataka.This place is known as Scotland of india.Coorg has many verdant trekking routes in the midst of forests and hills, and it's best to go in the months from October to February.Misty hills, lush forest, acres and acres of tea and coffee plantations, orange groves, undulating streets and breathtaking views are what make Coorg an unforgettable holiday destination.

Taj Mahal:-Taj Mahal is an epitome of true love.This monument has found a place in the Seven Wonders of the World.Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal.It is located on the banks of River Yamuna in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Built in white marble, it is one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. It is the symbol of eternal love. This beautiful monument of love was built by great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife Rani Mumtaz Mahal after her death. It is one of the must visit attractions of the country.Visit Taj Mahal on a full moon night, and you will understand why Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan proudly proclaimed: 'The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs/ And the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes'.

India houses a lot of tourist attractions like wildlife, hill stations, beaches etc. India has emerged as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easter Celebrations 2011

Easter is perhaps the biggest festival among the Christians. This is celebrated in a grand away throughout the world. The underlying belief is that Jesus Christ was reborn on this day from the dead. This resurrection of God Jesus Christ lifted mankind from its fallen position. Every year, the day is celebrated in a big way and holiday is observed in many parts of the world. For the Christians, Easter holidays are special days for spiritual services and family reunion. Family members staying in different parts of the world gather together during these holidays. A notable feature of this festive occasion is Easter eggs which indicate new life. It is likely that Easter 2011 Holidays will also be celebrated with equal enthusiasm and zeal.

Easter Celebration Around the World 
Easter is indeed celebrated in a big way throughout the world. The festival marks not only the resurrection of the holy Jesus Christ but also the beginning of the spring season. In some parts of the world, the occasion is celebrated in a traditional way. In many European countries, bonfires on the churches and hilltops are arranged on the eve of Easter. In fact, these bonfires are arranged to welcome the spring season. The most important symbols of Easter are eggs and rabbit. Easter celebrations around the world take various forms. But, the underlying theme remains the same—the day marks the resurrection of the holy Christ from the dead.

Easter Traditions Around the World
Easter eggs, Easter bunny, Pre-Lent Carnivals, Easter Tree, and Easter Fire are part of the Easter traditions around the world. It is one of the most important festivities in the Christian calendar.

Famous Easter Traditions 

 Australia   Easter celebrations in Australia begin with Shrove Tuesday and ends with Pentecost or Whitsun on Easter Sunday, which falls 50 days after Easter Sunday. Bunny and Eggs form an integral part of the Easter traditions in Australia.

 Spain Easter celebrations in Spain continue for a week. This Holy Week is known as Semana Santa. The week begins on Palm Sunday (Domongo de Ramos) and ends on Easter Monday (Lunes de Pascua).

Germany Easter Tree and Easter Fire are popular Easter traditions observed in Germany. Brightly colored hollow eggs are hung from branches of trees in several places. Easter Fire is another significant event that takes place here.