Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entertainment with upcoming Cricket Cup

The  Cricket World Cup 2011  is again round the corner. The mega cricketing event is scheduled to begin from 19th February in the South Asian Countries of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. As the game of cricket is followed like a religion in these nations, entertainment with upcoming Cricket Cup is likely to surpass all the previous World Cups. People in the Indian subcontinent are crazy about cricket. Like all the World Cup of the previous years, Cricket World Cup 2011 is likely to evoke same kind of response from the spectators as well as from the sponsors. Cricket World Cup is the fourth largest sporting event in the world and is one of the most viewed events across the globe.

In the upcoming mega cricket tournamenet, 14 teams that will take part have already been divided in to two groups. The tournament will last for forty three days and forty nine exciting matches will be held between different cricketing nations across the globe. Out of the forty nine matches, India will host 29 matches. Sri Lanka will host 12 matches and 8 matches will be organized in Bangladesh.

Preparations are on a full swing and countdown for this grand sporting event has already begun.Cricket World Cup 2011 venues are making last minute arrangements. Stadiums across the three host countries which got the chance to host World Cup matches are making last minute arrangements to make the tournament a success. The Wankhade Stadium, Mumbai, India is going to host the final of 2011 on 2nd April.  Large scale restructuring have already been made, number of seats has been increased and adequate security arrangements have already been made for the grand final. It is expected that all the matches will be massive crowd pullers. The cricket fans will be able to book tickets online also.

All the participating nations have started devising their strategies and fans across the globe have already been engaged in hot debates regarding the probable champion of the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Romance on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly a day for the lovers and anyone who cares and has affection for his close ones. However, over the years people have found out different ways to celebrate this special day of love. Ranging from concerts, events, and various types of celebrations, you can make this day an unforgettable one. So, in your quest to look for romance on Valentine’s Day in 2011, don’t miss out on the fun-filled and exciting events that take place in different places in your city or town.

 Valentine’s Day Events Ideas for 2011 
Events are organized by different cultural clubs and other organizations every year. In 2011 too, a couple of events are scheduled to take place. Given below is one such event. Read further to know more about the event.
Michael Amanta at Red Bank
 Location – 99 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701
Contact – 732 842 9000
The cost of the tickets start from USD$19.50 and if you are traveling in a group, you can avail group discounts. This is an opera performance where you can enjoy numbers like “Nessun Dorma” and “O Sole Mio”. This event is being presented by Count Basie Theater.

 Valentine’s Day Concerts 2011
Concerts are held all across the world to celebrate romance on Valentine’s Day. France is also one of the venues for such concerts.
Romantic Tempest on Valentine’s Day –February 2011 Orchestre du Capitole is the most popular orchestra in and around France. Eminent musical stalwarts like Georges Pretre and Andre Clutyens have been part of this orchestra at one point of time. This Valentine’s Day the concert will be held at Auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines a Toulouse, 31200 Toulouse, Contact – 0561223105, 05 62 27 67 95. The concert will take place on February 14th 2011 at 20:00PM. The cost of the ticket is 21.8 euros. Toulouse is a city that is located in the southwestern part of France.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations
Setting off for balloon rides and cruise trips are 2 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th 2011.

 Valentine’s Day Cruise
Live DJ performance, buffet meals, and complimentary champagne, beautiful roses, and chocolates are included in the cruise package you can buy for Valentine’s Day celebrations in 2011. The cruise ship is leaving Lincoln Harbor in New Jersey. The duration of the ride is 7PM to 10PM. Cost of the package is USD$129/person.

 Hot Air Balloon Ride This is a 3 and a half hour balloon ride with complimentary champagne and other non alcoholic drinks. You will glide over Spruce Run Reservoir. Romantic packages are available with provision for one night bed and breakfast.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What to do on Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2011 is the most awaited  festival among the Chinese. The Chinese in the mainland China and in other countries of the world celebrate the occasion in a grand way. Chinese New Year Celebration Activities include traditional rituals as well many modern festivities. According to the Chinese calendar, the festivities begin on the first day of the Lunar Moon and ends after fifteen days on the Full Moon Day.  Chinese New Year 2011 will be held on February 3.

Chinese New Year Activities
What to do on Chinese New Year? You can do a large number of things during this festival. The New Year is a celebration of change. Generally, it falls in January or February. Below here we provide you a list of things that you can do during this festival.
Before the New Year Eve

Before the New Year’s Eve, the following things are done.The entire house is cleaned properly.
All the debts are paid.All kinds of differences with friends, family members and business partners are resolved. Red money envelopes, flowers and circular candy tray are purchased.  On the New Year’s EveWhat to do on Chinese New Year Eve? Below here is a list of things to do.

1)Family get together.
2)Reunion dinner.
3)To pay respect to household gods & ancestors.
4) Open all the doors & windows of your house at the midnight to let the old year go.

On New Year’s Day
On the New Year’s Day, you can do many things. You can decorate your house as well as you can prepare special food.

Decoration ideas
Colors: Bright red, gold/orange.
 Fruits: Oranges and tangerines, persimmons, tangerines with leaves intact.
Flowers: It is believed that if flowers bloom on this day, the whole year will be prosperous.

Food ideas
 Jai:  Jai comprises of ginkgo nut, black moss, dried bean curd, bamboo shoots, vermicelli and scallion.
Fish and chicken: Fish & chicken represent prosperity.
Noodles: It represents longevity.
Desserts: It includes oranges, cake.
All  the above mentioned Chinese New Year Celebration Activities help you in celebrating this festival with true spirit.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where to go in 2011

The year 2011 has just begun. Where to go in 2011 has definitely come in the minds of many who have plans to visit some exotic places. Below  here  is  a  list  of  few  popular  holiday destinations for 2011.

Crete Island
This is the largest island in Greece. The nearly 1000 km coastline of the Island is replete with soft white sandy beaches. This wonderful island has many things to offer to the tourists such as the beautiful beaches, mountainous landscapes, charming towns & villages, excellent food and happening nightlife.

This is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. The important feature of this place is that it is relatively cheap than other European holiday destinations. The country is gradually receiving recognition as a top tourist place in the world. Tourists in this country feel very welcome and safe throughout their visit in this country.

Paris, France
Paris is considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Aside from this, the rich history and the cultural heritage of this city, draw a large number of visitors every year here. In recent years, the city has also grown itself as an ideal place for family vacations. The city is always a great place for romantic vacations. There is a large number of night clubs, bars and restaurants spreading across the city. Like every year, the city could be one of the great holiday destinations for 2011.

Recently, Tunisia has grown as a popular holiday destination. Nearly, seven million tourists flock to this country every year. Aside from the sandy beaches and sun sea, the country boasts of a rich culture and history. Top holiday destinations in Tunisia are  Dougga, Bizerte, Medina .There are many beach resorts located in these places.