Friday, September 2, 2011

Seven Most Dangerous Holiday Destinations For 2011

One can always get many words of wisdom when it comes to suggesting a holiday destination, but where not to go, is seldom told. The last thing that you would want on a vacation is to catch a stomach infection or to be trapped in a communal riot, so before leaving for a dream destination why not do a little research on the places one should avoid, simply because of the contradictory temperaments between that place and you.

1. Haiti
The 2010 catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, near its capital Port-au-Prince is still shockingly shiver inducing, because of the great number of deaths, and thereby making it a dangerous place for someone who wants to spend some quality time in peace. The same place is also accused of having civil unrest and a high kidnapping rate.
2. Somalia
The small country in the eastern Africa, Somalia, is also charged with same problems. Hooliganism and trafficking of weapons and narcotics is a daily activity, making the security services almost ineffective. Various militant groups like Al-shabaab have been trying to overthrow the government for its Islamic laws, disrupting the safety and peace of the country.
3. Pakistan
Pakistan is probably most threatening in terms of safety, as there are constant firing, killings and bombings going on. The militant groups like Al-Qaeda have made a permanent abode in this country and have made it impossible for someone to come and explore the tradition and beauty of the places, peacefully.
4. Antarctica
Antarctica, the ice covered continent, in the southern hemisphere, inhabiting about 1000 people only, is a quite dangerous place, with its literally biting cold temperature and no sufficient medical aid. It is a place of priority for the researchers but the common traveler is not mentally prepared to embrace what Antarctica has to offer.
5. Andaman Islands
In the south Andaman Islands, the risk of swine flu and other infectious diseases is great, and though the Island has built resorts in the nearby ares for tourism, it is not a good option to get yourself within such a close proximity to deadly diseases. The local tribe, Jarawa, has contracted much of it and fights daily battle with it. It is highly suggested to rather go somewhere which provides ample health measures.
6.  Australia
One would hardly expect Australia to be a part of this list, but it is not sensible enough to ignore the deadly reasons for not considering it as a holiday destination , and that is because of its poisonous snakes and other creatures like crocodiles, box jelly-fish and spiders. One would not even get to know when the insects will creep next to you, and if you can't have a relaxing time on a holiday without worrying about such things, then why choose such a place.
7. Japan
An Island country, Japan is one of the worst hit country when it comes to drastic weather conditions and disasters like earthquake, tsunami and the usual typhoons. The recent destruction caused by the continuous earthquakes and tsunami, together has given us a reason to think twice before choosing it for a holiday destination, despite of its natural beauty because even on a holiday, one would prefer to remain safe making us include Japan in this list.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Places to visit in India for honeymoon

India, as a honeymoon destination can be the ultimate dream holiday destination that both of you will relish all through your life .India as a honeymoon destination offers you plenty of options to visit ,you can enjoy the artistic beauty of Ajanta Ellora caves ,or you can view the splendid beauty of Kashmir mountains ,not but the least you can enjoy the exotic Kerela backwaters and the beautiful beaches of Goa .

Ideal Time for Visiting India
India is a hot tropical country . Due to large geographical area climate here varies largely from one region to another region .Particularly large variation of climate from north India to south India .In general summers are from month of april to september and winters from november to february .

Top Honeymoon Destinations in India :-
Some of the best honeymoon destinations in India that are visited by many tourists each year are as follows :-

  • Goa:- It is the ultimate tourist destination known as the honeymooner’s paradise.One of the most romantic honeymoon destination in India .The rich culture and heritage, warm ambiance, numerous attractions and excellent infrastructure and transportation facilities allures millions of couples from across the world and India as well.Goa is known world wide for its beautiful beaches .Some of the popular beaches of Goa are as follows :-
                     1)Agonda Beach
                     2)Sinquerim Beach
                     3)Palolem Beach
                     4)Benaulim Beach
                     5)Dona Paula Beach
                     6)Arambol Beach

  • Kerela :- Kerela is known as the God's land .This state is known for its natural beauty.This beautiful Indian state offers everything that you can wish for in a honeymoon; peace, relaxation, fun and romance.Its main attractions are as follows :-
             1)Munnar Hill Station
             2)Kerela Backwaters
             3)Kovalam Beach

  • Besides these two honeymoon destinations following are other destinations that you can visit  :-
            1)Manali(Himachal Pradesh)
            2)Shimla(Himachal Pradesh)
            3)Oaty(Tamil Nadu)
            4)Nanital (Uttarakand)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Best time to explore different honeymoon destinations in USA

To chose a perfect honeymoon destination is really a cumbersome job . For choosing a perfect honeymoon destination first of fall  both of you should  understand your area of interest . Then chose a destination that suits you both . In USA due to its large geographical area you can easily find a perfect destination year around .Some of the best seasons to visit famous honeymoon destinations in USA are as follows :-

Best time to visit New York for honeymoon :-  New York is among the most exciting places to visit. The city oozes love and romance for all .
  • The  best time for honeymoon in  New York is during April to June and September to October.
  • Fall and Spring are the best seasons of the city with pleasant and mild weather conditions.
  • The  city is a non-stop party destination all through the year. If you and your partner are admirers of art and culture, then the best time for you can be probably during the fall, winter and summers.

Best time to visit San Francisco for honeymoon:-It is just the perfect destination for spending some intimate moments with your sweetheart and explore newer places.San Francisco offers numerous delights for rejuvenation of senses and spirit.
  • The best time to visit the city is during the summers.
  • Fall and spring season are quite busy but not so much as in summers. 
  • If climatic conditions doesn’t matter to you most and you want to seclude away with your partner, fall, spring and winter should be fine with you for a honeymoon in San Francisco .

Best time to visit Miami for Honeymoon ;-Miami is the preferred destination for a honeymoon or a short vacation for everybody who likes to spend their days enjoying the sun, sand and waters and relaxing on a cruise ride.
  • Winters are the best season to visit Miami .
  •  Always  avoid a Miami honeymoon in the blistering summer months of May to September .
  • October to December is the best months to be in Miami .

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Honeymoon Destinations in USA

Are you newly married, planning for your dream honeymoon?? Well, with so many beautiful locations, it is not quite easy to pick up the one that best reflects your taste. After all, you have been waiting for this day all through your life!! It is quite obvious that your honeymoon has to be exotic and luxurious.Honeymoon is once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your beloved and you need to design it uniquely.Some of the best honeymoon destinations in USA are as follows :-

  • Honeymoon in New York:- This  city is a non-stop party destination all through the year. If you and your partner are admirers of art and culture then this is the perfect honeymoon destination for you . Popular honeymoon destinations in New York are as follows :-
  1. Battery Park :- This park offers best summer night outdoor activities . This park offers impressive scenic views and flower gardens.
  2. Broadway :- If  you are a art or a culture lover then this is the destination that you should not miss at any cost . Some of the popular shows that you can watch here are :- The Lion King; Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark; catch me if you can; Wicked  and Memphis.
  3. Sail through the Hudson :- sailing across the New York Harbor on a luxury romantic sailboat is truly mesmerizing .Breathtaking views of the Battery Park, Manhattan, Governors Island, Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island will surely be enjoyed by you both .
  •  Honeymoon in Chicago : Chicago is the city of overwhelming beauty and high class status. The extensive lush parklands of this city attract about 86 million people  all through the year .The city, famous for world-renowned tourist attractions and activities, five-star dining and exotic nightlife, will give you every chance to spend perfect time with your partner . Popular honeymoon destinations in Chicago are :- 
  1.  Lincoln Park:-the warm atmosphere, flower gardens, walking paths and wide variety of animals and birds of diverse species are the main attractions of this place . The major attraction of the park is the Lincoln Park Zoo. 
  2.    Shedd aquarium:- The aquarium is the house of about 20,000 aquatic animals of 1500 varied species.The main attractions are Oceanarium, the Caribbean Reef , Tropical Water Gallery , Wild Reef , Illinois Lakes and Rivers Gallery . 
  3. The Grant Park:-This 300 acre park offers picture perfect atmosphere for love and romance with stunning views of Lake Michigan .The main attractions of this park are  Dove Girl Fountain , The Flowerbeds ,Buckingham Fountain , Millennium Park and  Art Institute of Chicago .

  • Honeymoon in Florida : With some of the most popular attractions of the world and miles of sandy beaches, the state offers plenty of activities and indulgences for the newly-weds. Popular honeymoon destinations in Florida are as follows :-
  1. Disney World :- Here you can opt for various honeymoon packages or you can even customize  your honeymoon package according to your needs .It is the best place to indulge in fun filled actvities.
  2. Orlando :- This city is world famous for its renowned landmark attractions . The major highlight of the city is the Walt Disney World Resort, the Kennedy Space center and  the Universal Orlando Resort.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Places to visit in the month of July

Wondering  where to spend  your  holidays this july ? There are several destinations that you can visit on budget . Some of the places that you can visit this july are Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand . All these top holiday destinations cater to the needs of all types of travelers .While visiting these destinations in the world, make yourself the part of socio and cultural aspects of the respective destinations.Few top holiday destinations  for july are as follows:-

  • Vietnam:- The beauty of this place appeals to thousands of travelers across the world .July and August are the best season to visit Vietnam .Some of the famous places in Vietnam are :- Nha Trang, Halong Bay , Mai Chau and Sapa . Nature has blessed Vietnam with lush green  mountains and with beautiful coastline . 

  • Malaysia :- It is one of the most beautiful and diverse country  of Asia sub continent .Holiday destinations in Malaysia are best spread across cities like, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Malacca along with some of the popular beach destinations. The beaches are the integral part of this Asian land .Malaysia holidaying destinations are also famous for offering plethora of opportunities to enjoy a number of water sports .Some of the popular beaches of Malaysia are  :-
              Detai Beach
               Pantai Pasir Hitam beach
               Port Dickson beach

  • Singapore: Singapore is one of the most amazing places of the World . The city is famous for great nightlife , wonderful spa retreats and for mouth watering cuisine . Among the popular destinations you will find Cinemania, Changi Village, Chinatown Heritage Center, Little India, Fort Siloso, St Josephs Church, Clarke Quay, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore Art Museum, Chijmes and the world famous Sentosa Island .

  • Thailand : Thailand is World famous for its  gorgeous temples and for marvelous historic sites . The best month to visit Thailand is from  month of july till november .Thailand is home to diverse natural beauties, age-old traditions, peaceful temples and contemporary city life. Some of the popular holiday destinations in Thailand are :- Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi and Bangkok .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Exotic Beach Holidays

A perfect climate, powdery sand, crystalline waters and beautiful coastline scenery are the perfect characteristics of a beautiful beach holiday.There is nothing like the feeling of sand between your toes .Every time when you think of an exotic holiday you will be thinking of relaxing on the beautiful golden beaches with clear blue waters and hot sun shining down all day.Here are a small selection of some of the world's best luxury beach holidays for you to choose from:-

  • Thailand Beach Holidays  :-Thailand is world famous for its elegant white sand beaches .The shimmering blue water around the peninsula is the home for stunning coral reefs and hundreds of islands.The hypnotic beauty of the unspoiled sea beaches of Thailand draws the tourists from every corner of the world.Some of the best beaches in Thailand are visited by a good number of tourists every year. Few of them are as below:-
        1)Pattaya Beach
        2)Phuket Beach
       3)The Lamai Beach
       4)Railey Beach, Krabi
       5)Kata Beach, Phuket   

  • Turkey Beach Holidays:-Turkey is considered as the paradise where one can experience all the four seasons at a time. The sea in all the three sides of this place ranks it among the most desired beach holiday destinations.Go for a dream holiday in the hidden bays and secluded coves of the Turkey beaches. Here is the list of some of the best beaches of  turkey :-
       1) Blue Lagoon Beach
       2) Patara Beach
       3)Calis Beach
       4) Cleopatra's Beach
       5) Konyaalti Beach

  • France Beach Holidays:-France has beaches to suit every need and choice, be it families, fun or adventure seekers.When it comes to planning a beach vacation in Europe, France ranks as a favorite choice. The country that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean is home to a number of beaches and islands floating across the Mediterranean Sea . Popular coastal places in france  are as follows:-
            1)French Riviera
           3)Nord-Pas de Calais

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beat this Summer With Entralling Beach Holidays

In this summer beach holidays is the perfect way of spending your holidays,if you want to get the sea breeze all over you and feel the touch of the sunrays .The warm sun, clear blue waters, and the golden sands hold a steady appeal for everyone, be it for a family vacation or  a leisure break . Some of the best beach holiday destinations are spread throughout the world covering destinations like Greece, Spain, Turkey, USA, Egypt, to India .

  •  Beach Holidays in USA :-USA has excellent sea beaches, which attract people from all over the world. Some of the beaches which lie in South Carolina, Hawaii and New York are world famous and are flooded with visitors throughout the year.Some of the popular beaches are:-
  • Carmel Beach, California
  • Hammocks Beach State Park, North Carolina
  • Crescent Beach, Siesta Key, Florida  
  • Culebra Island in Puerto Rico
  • South Padre Island in Texas
  • Panama City Beach in Florida 

Some of the beaches are high on nightlife, whereas some on natural beauty. Each with a specialty of it’s own attracts tourists from across the world.

  • Beach Holidays in Greece:-The land of Greece is blessed with an extensive coastal area as well as the most amazing beaches. These beaches are full of life and fun and is perfect for spending a romantic vacation or a vacation with the friends and family.There are a lot of Popular beaches in Greece as each of the beaches have a beauty as well as characteristics of their own.Some of the popular beaches are:-
  • Sarakiniko beach
  • Simos beach
  • Egremnoi beach
  • Marydiotissa

Whether you are visiting Greece for pleasure of for business a trip to the Popular beaches in Greece will always help you have a great time with the friends as well as with the family.

  • Beach Holidays in Australia :-It is the largest island in the world with 34,218 km of coastline.A number of large and small islands attract tourists from all over the world for beach tours in Australia.Some of the popular beaches are:-
  • Cable Beach in Western Australia
  • Whitehaven Beach  in  Queensland
  • Hyams Beach in New South Wales

The best time to visit Australia is during the months of June, July, and August. The weather is pleasant. The temperature ranges between 19 degree Celsius and 31 degree Celsius.

Friday, May 27, 2011

June Honeymoon Destinations

Are you wondering about where to spend your honeymoon this summer .Every one wants his honeymoon to be special and memorable. Honeymoon destinations are spread throughout the globe .Here is the list of best honeymoon destinations for the month of june:-

  • Hawaii:-This is a perfect romantic destination which has beautiful beaches, with clear blue water and various small villages. It is one of the islands located in the Pacific Ocean, which is a perfect honeymoon destination for all romantic couples.A honeymoon in Hawaii must always include a visit to all the major islands of the archipelago. Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Honolulu, Big Island, and Oahu are some of the most popular places of enjoying a romantic vacation just after your wedding.The beauty of island lies in its serenity and peacefulness, which is worth noticing. 

  • Italy:-While on your honeymoon in Italy, you will have the choice of visiting the beautiful countryside, wonderful beaches, and the cosmopolitan cities.This is one such place where you can enjoy good food and visit various heritage sites, which is a reflection of the past.If you wish to enjoy Gondola rides with your partner, then there is no other place other than Venice. A  honeymoon in Italy offers a truly classic experience. 

  • France:France is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world, attracting thousands of newly weds every year.You can have a look at the ancient architecture and come to know about the rich past of the place, apart from enjoying the beautiful and picturesque landscapes.France is truly a honeymooner’s paradise.Honeymoon in France is incomplete without a visit to exotic beaches of Cannes, St Tropez and Nice in the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Splendid France Destinations

France is consider as the  top destination  in Europe.This country is known for its splendid architecture. Historical monuments, architectural marvels, art galleries , museums and  landscaped destinations are some of the places that you can explore while touring  France. The exotic French culture, architecture, wide selection of cuisine and  the French wine will definitely make your vacation memorable one.

Following are the main famous places in France that appeals travelers from all over the World:-
1)Eiffel Tower:-It is the iconic attraction of the country .It is a wrought iron tower 300 meters high that was built in Paris by Gustave Eiffel  in the year 1889. This Tower is listed in the world heritage site .
2)French Alps:- One of the wonderful landscapes in the world, the Alps offers the best combination of natural beauty.The French Alps were sculpted by glaciers, giving the corresponding valleys a mild climate and rich soil.
3)Notre Dame Cathedral:If you wish to have glimpse of the rich architectural exemplary that the country is famous for then, a visit to this attraction is a must. One of the beautiful cathedrals in France and the entire Europe, this site stands exemplary to the gothic architecture.
4)Chambord Castle, Loire Valley:   this is the   finest example of the Renaissance architecture.The Chambord Castle opens everyday at 9 am and closes at 5:45 pm during the months of April to June, and till 4:45 pm from the month of October to March and till 6:45 pm from July to August.

Some of the other Holiday Destinations in France are:-
  • Chateaux de la Loire
  • Mont St Michel
  • Versailles
  • Arc du Triomphe 
  •  Mont Blanc  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Magical South Pacific Holiday destinations

Are you bored with your mundane work life, then set for a journey to south pacific region , to explore the true natural beauty.The top holiday destinations in South Pacific are so amazing that you will get completely lost in the scenic beauty.When you think of South Pacific, the land of New Zealand and Australia just comes up in your mind. Both these destinations provides you an ideal tropical holiday destination.

New Zealand : It is an ideal country in the south-western Pacific Ocean .Popular Places in New Zealand are Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland .New Zealand is a country of stunning and diverse natural beauty which includes: jagged mountains, steep fiords, pristine lakes, raging rivers, scenic beaches, and active volcanic features.
  • Queenstown  :lies in the south-west of New Zealand's South Island and is regarded as one of the best holiday destinations in New Zealand. It is considered the adventure capital of New Zealand. It is the ultimate destination for snowboarding and skiing. You can also enjoy bungy jump, jet boat, paraglide, white water raft, jetski, hang glide, skydive and drive quadbikes.It is a vibrant city with color, atmosphere, lively entertainment scene, and world-class attractions.  
  • Christchurch :is a place known for its spectacular gardens and therefore nicknamed the Garden City. Central Christchurch is a perfect place for exploring on foot because it is both attractive and fascinating.
  • Auckland : is the biggest city of New Zealand. Auckland is popularly known as the "City of Sails" because the harbour is often dotted with hundreds of yachts.

New Zealand has been called God's own country and the "Paradise of the Pacific" since the early 1800s.

Australia:  Holiday destinations in Australia, owing to its huge land area and diversity offers it all to the tourist that includes the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef, the beauty of the mountain ranges, the lush greenery of the rainforests, and the natural beauty of the beaches.From the prehistoric gorges of Kakadu National Park, to the white sails of the Sydney Opera House, Australia is a diverse country.Popular places in Australia are Melbourne , Brisbane and Port Douglas.

  • Melbourne :offers great architecture. You can see the elegant Victorian public buildings to designer hotels and dozens of examples of post-Modernist constructions scattered around the one of the most multi-cultural cities in Australia.

  • Brisbane: It comprises islands drenched in sun and sand in the east and cool mountain rainforests in the west.Brisbane has a pulsating night time, and no end to the range of outdoor adventures, such as surfing, sailing, hot-air ballooning and Four Wheel Drive excursions.

  • Port Douglas:  Port Douglas boasts a superb tropical climate, it is the perfect place to get away.Port Douglas Australia is an internationally renown Australian holiday destination, & also a favorite vacation spot for Australians.Every year during the end of May, tourists and locals flock to Port Douglas to witness two significant festival - Port Douglas Carnivale and Footprints Music Festival in October.
Holiday Destinations in Australia are also best explored on cruises that sail through Great Barrier Reef, Sydney harbor, Tasmania, Murray River, and Kimberley.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

The land of diverse beauty is home to enchanting destinations considered to create an ideal setting of enjoying a honeymoon. From beaches to mountains and historic cities to cosmopolitan locations, the continent is home to it all. Most of the places in Asia feature a distinct appeal that is found in its cultural, natural, and historical wonders. If you are interested in exploring a bit of history on your after-wedding getaway then, this is the place to be. While honeymooning in some part of the continent, you will come across a number of temples, palaces, museums, monuments, and many other historical places of interest coupled with a rich natural landscape.

A honeymoon in Europe can cost a lot and after an expensive wedding, spending a lot of Euros just to visit places commonly visited by other honeymooners as well seems to be impractical. If you are looking for unique destinations then Asia is the place that ends your search.
Some of the popular Honeymoon Destinations  on this exotic land are as follows:-

India:-It is a land of great diversity.Experience your honeymoon by relaxing  and by chilling  out in this land of valor and tradition.You can visit world famous Taj Mahal on your visit to india , which is an epitome of true love.Get wild over the true fascinating destinations here and enjoy the true natural beauty during your stay.

Maldives:-Maldives is surely a romantic place for you and your couple to spend some shared solitude moments as far as honeymoon is concerned.A perfect ideal tropical holiday destinations, dazzling with aquatic corals to lagoons of different shapes and sizes.

Philippines:-This place is definitely for honeymooners who only have eyes only for each other. A visit to Palawan will take you to the last frontier of the Philippines.This wonderful landscape gives a magical touch to the place as you can view everything starting from wonderful sights to active volcanoes.

You will surely enjoy your honeymoon in Asia with world class amenities,that too at affordable places.

Monday, May 2, 2011

World Best Places

Preparing a list of best places of world is a cumbersome job , as this world is full of beautiful places.There is so much diversity on earth that you could find wide range of charming places like snow covered mountains in Antartic region, beautiful beaches of Bahamas ,great pyramids of Egypt and many more.Some of the famous cities among tourists Worldwide  are as follows:-

    • Matzalan :Matzalan is also known as the "Pearl of the Pacific". It is known for a number of golf courses which are designed by Lee Trevino and Robert Trent Jones (Junior). This place in Mexico is also visited by the honeymoon couples because of its pristine Pacific beachfront which is washed by the sea waves.

      • Puerto Iguazu :It is among the famous places of argentina . This place is home of world-renowned Iguazu Falls .The weather of Puerto Iguazu is Humid Subtropical.Puerto Iguazu is a wonderful city that has a lot to charm you.. It attracts a huge number of tourists from all the parts of the world.

      • Rhodes: Ever heard of an island in Greece where the sun never stops smiling all through the year? Well, it is the Rhodes island, the biggest of the Dodecanese islands. It is one of the preferred tourist destinations and is considered a paradise par excellence.Replete with specimens of ancient civilization and having all the amenities of modern world, the famous places in Greece mesmerize the visitors, coming in large numbers all through the year. 

        • Coorg: This place is known for its timeless beauty.This place is situated on the Western Ghats about 252 kms from Bangalore in Karnataka in India.This place is known as Scotland of india.Coorg has many verdant trekking routes in the midst of forests and hills, and it's best to go in the months from October to February.Misty hills, lush forest, acres and acres of tea and coffee plantations, orange groves, undulating streets and breathtaking views are what make Coorg an unforgettable holiday destination


          Thursday, April 28, 2011

          Few Interesting Places for Honeymoon

          Honeymoon is one of the most awaited moments in the life of an individual .It enables the newly wedded couples to come close to each other, spend some cozy moments in each other’s arms, and discover true love in their new relationship.Everyone tries to make their honeymoon a memorable lifetime experience Before choosing a honeymoon destination just have a look at few of the  interesting honeymoon destinations spread across the globe.

          • Honeymon in Spain : Honeymoon in Spain is considered the best-loved retreat among honeymooners seeking an ideal escapade in the land that beautifully blends the past and present of Europe.For honeymooners, the country presents a wide array of attractions and destinations that holds a diverse appeal. The country caters to different and distinct desires an interest of each couple in offering them with just what they need.Some of the best honeymoon destinations in spain are Barcelona ,Seville and  Madrid.

          • Honeymoon in France: France is a country of contrasting landscapes, synonymous with romance and renowned for its unrivalled wines and fine cuisine.It is one of the most attractive honeymoon destination in the world.France is truly a honeymooner’s paradise.Paris, Cannes, Lyon, Nice and Toulose are  among the best honeymoon destinations in France.The beautiful beaches of Cannes, Nice and St Tropez attract honeymooners from every part of the world each year.

          •  Honeymoon in New Zealand: New Zealand is a great place for love and romance. It has always been a dream romantic destination for newly wedded couple. New Zealand is an ideal romantic place for renewing your vows and enjoying one of the most memorable moments of life. You will cherish the beautiful memories of your honeymoon forever. New Zealand is getting immensely popular among the newly wedded couple. New Zealand is full of bustling cities, rainforests, tussock fields, Southern Alps, Alpine tarns, fast-paced glaciers, active volcanoes, colorful springs and river valleys. All these beautiful locations make it a perfect picturesque and an ideal romantic destination.

          Monday, April 25, 2011

          Some of the Best Honeymoon Ideas

          A romantic honeymoon is the dream of each newly married couple. Holding hands, enjoying the sunset and walking by the seaside is a heaven for two people deeply in love.A honeymoon is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful phases in the life of a couple. After all, what else than an after-wedding getaway can offer such a beautiful opportunity of sharing and celebrating the wedding bliss. Planning this romantic vacation might take up a lot of your time, as you would want everything to be perfect.

          Couples can use some tips to make their honeymoon more romantic and memorable. Some of the romantic honeymoon ideas are cute little gifts, candlelit dinner, massage, dance lesson, walking in the moonlight together, writing love poems, making memory notes, creating new photo album , snorkeling and wine tasting. You can make your honeymoon special in a number of ways. Add a touch of creativity to your planning and make your celebration memorable for a lifetime.

          Points to remember while on Honeymoon 

          1)Choose the destination that is liked by you both.
          2)Spend as much time with each other as you can.
          3)Participate in activities liked by both
           4)Plan your honeymoon in advance

          Honeymoon Destination Ideas

          You can also plan a honeymoon with difference by selecting an exotic location as a backdrop of your celebration. Be it lazing and relaxing under the warmth of the sun or discovering remote and secluded islands, the key lies in blending your vacation with right ideas. If you love mountains, you can plan to spend a romantic tour against the backdrop of hills. A lover of sun, sand, and sea will definitely like to plan the getaway at the beaches. You can also plan cheap after-wedding getaways by selecting the right destination and blending it with wonderful honeymoon ideas.


          Friday, April 22, 2011

          Maui Honeymoon

          Maui or the 'Valley Isle' as it is better known is an island in Hawaii that far surpasses the beauty and charm of any other Hawaiian island. Even the natives feel that Maui is the best of all the Hawaiian Islands, a sentiment echoed by the tourists too. So to plan a honeymoon in Maui is to make sure that one is going to one of the most exciting and adventure filled spots on this earth.It is one of the One of the beautiful islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, the land is blessed with abundance natural treasure. Here, you will find extensive miles of white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, rough volcanic peaks, and cascading waterfalls. Often referred to as the Valley Island, this island destination is also home to wonderful resorts and hotels offering you all that is needed to make a romantic getaway special. A honeymoon in Maui offers a wonderful retreat amid the scenic landscape letting you indulge in a plenty of land and water activities. The beaches in the island primarily hold the major appeal in offering quaint getaways to the couples in honeymoon.

          Deeply imbedded in geological and Hawaiian history, a Maui tour will captivate you with its native charms and extraordinary beauty. You might want to rent a car to take full advantage of the sites. Hidden beaches with contrasting hues of snow white to black sand are one of the many reasons so many couples travel to Maui. Spending a perfect relaxing day lying on Maui’s many enticing beaches is not like any other. With its crystal clear waters, sunbathing is an enjoyable way to pass the day.
          Although Maui has an abundance of water activities, whale and dolphin sightseeing are especially unique opportunities. The best time to go is July and August, although viewing can happen throughout the year. For romantic evenings, sundowner cruises are popular from just cocktails to full course dinner trips. Maui also has an active nightlife, including bars, clubs, and other entertainment such as the renowned Slack Key Guitar concert series.

          Thursday, April 21, 2011

          Tourist Attractions in Argentina

          Argentina is the land of ample natural assets and hence a favorite destination for all the travelers who are the priests of beauty. And to add with this, the rich cultural heritage of this South American country has made it a destination for all.Argentina is a land with stunning natural wonders, passionate and high culture of the country brings in people from all over the world. The tourist from the northern hemisphere can have the privilege and pleasure of enjoying two summers in a single year. The varied topography of the country offers the tourists with a range of places and spots to be explored and enjoyed.
          The best time to visit Argentina is during the summer months.Argentina is blessed with the Andean deserts and mountains. The deserts dotted with cactus give a wonderful view of the country.

          Major  Argentina tourist Attractions   : 
          •  Iguazu Falls:Iguazú Falls, called Foz do Iguaçu in Portuguese, and Cataratas del Iguazú in Spanish, lie on the Argentina - Brazil border and is a  UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The falls is often called as the gateway to Argentina. Taller than the Niagara, it is an amazing sight to experience tons of water throwing themselves over the cliffs. 
          •   Buenos Aires: This city is known as the Paris of South America. Buenos Aires is an extremely sophisticated city with interesting characteristics. Though a South American city, one may feel it like a European one. The metropolis of Buenos Aires is an ample proof of the assorted quintessence of the Argentinean culture. It is a city of multiple contrasts, presenting a conglomeration of exotic food, wine, architectural styles and the undaunted spirit of tango. The charm of Buenos Aires cannot help to leave the tourists bowled over.  
          • Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi: It is the oldest national park in Argentina, situated in Patagonia in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The park was established in the year 1934.       
          • Apart from this other attractions of Argentina are:
          1. Bodega Viña El Cerno, one of the well known winery of Argentina.
          2. Cementerio de la Recoleta is the cemetery of Argentina.
          3. Caminito located at Pedro de Mendoza is also a major attractions in Argentina.
          4. Museo Casa Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, is a well known museum of Argentina.
          5. Cerro Pan de Azúcar is the mountain side of Argentina.
          6. Fitz Roy Range, the national park and mountain of Argentina where travelers of all age will definitely enjoy.
          7. Reserva Faunística Península Valdés, is another reserve forest of the the place.
          8. Parque Los Menhires, you can witness a lake amidst the national park here.
          9. Quilmes, this is one of the archaeological sites of Argentina where you can see an ancient fortress.

          Monday, April 18, 2011

          Florida Honeymoon

          A well-renowned family vacation destination, Florida ranks as a favorite with honeymooners too. With some of the most popular attractions of the world and miles of sandy beaches, the state offers plenty of activities and indulgences for the newly-weds. Excellent accommodation offered by luxurious hotels and resorts in the state too maximizes the appeal of the destination among couples on a honeymoon. Honeymoon in Florida with a visit to some of the landmark attraction in the city and a wonderful staying experience lets you truly enjoy an excellent vacationing experience. Be it for an active or a leisure traveler, the state offers a wide array of attraction that excellently suits the diverse choice and interest of the couples.
          While on your honeymoon in Florida, you can enjoy a number of different activities that range from indulging in adventurous tasks to taking a leisure break. Golf, fishing, and tennis are some of the popular outdoor activities that dominate the interests of the tourists and the couples as well. Be it on a fun destination like Disney World or a beach resort, you will come across a number of romantic ideas that can certainly make your vacation memorable and a lifetime experience.
          Honeymoon Destinations in Florida :During your honeymoon in Florida, you will come across a number of destinations that have gained recognition among the honeymooning couples. From islands to cosmopolitan cities, each location is famous for featuring an equal appeal among the couples.Some of the best honeymoon destinations in Florida are as follows:-
          Orlando:The major highlight of the city is the Walt Disney World Resort.The Kennedy Space center is another popular place of tourist interest.
          St. Augustine:A visit to St. Augustine holds a special appeal among couples interested in exploring a bit of history and the oldest community of the country.During your vacation in this region, you can indulge in a romantic stroll along the historic downtown streets that is lined with several restaurants and cafes.
          Disney World:During your trip to this star attraction, you can choose from a wide variety of honeymoon packages available there or can even customize a package according to your own choices. A popular package that ranks a favorite with the couples is the Land and Sea Vacation Package that includes a Disney cruise along with an additional time at Disney World.

          Tuesday, April 12, 2011

          Exciting Wedding Holiday Destinations

          A holiday is probably the best way of celebrating the most special affair and the significant day of one’s life, wedding. With time, more and more couples are showing an interest towards an abroad location for a vow-exchanging ceremony. This appeal among the couples has also in turn led to the popularity of the idea of planning wedding holidays. This idea offers the ideal assistance to couples willing to club their wedding and honeymoon in one vacation at the desired destination. Planning a holiday just after the ceremony in an exotic romantic location certainly feels great.

          Wedding Holiday Destinations
          If you are planning a destination wedding, there will always be a number of locations to choose from throughout the world. Planning your holiday too, will offer you a number of choices globally. However, while considering wedding holidays, you will have a restricted list catering to the services. Surely, you can plan both your wedding and holiday in any destination of your liking; yet, there are some locations around the world that boasts of an international popularity when it comes to arranging your wedding and honeymoon in one place.List of  some of the best wedding holiday destinations are as follows:-
          • Wedding in Bali :- One of the most exotic islands in the world, Bali hosts excellent opportunities and setting a grand ceremony. The island being home to a number of art galleries and museums along with the beaches offers perfect relaxation to the guests and the couples to be. While planning a wedding ceremony in Bali, you will have the finest choice of extending your ceremony into a holiday. A wedding holiday in Bali offers the best opportunity of blending two ideas into one.
          • Wedding in St Lucia :-The island destination also famous for featuring a strong tourism appeal lets you and your guests enjoy a relaxing vacation just with the end of the ceremony. Your guests will have the wonderful opportunity of basking under the warmth of the sun or indulge in some outdoor activities. The island featuring mountains, waterfalls, and the major attraction Pitons offers plethora of sightseeing opportunities. From visiting the Malgretout Waterfall to taking a swim at the volcanic waters, you and your guests will have a lot to do in St.Lucia during the holidays. Additionally, there is the Palm-lined Marigot Bay and its marina featuring a host of luxury yachts. Wedding holidays in St. Lucia will offer you the wonderful opportunity to exchange your vows amid the stunning landscape and enjoy a relaxing vacation exploring its beauty and charm.
          • Wedding in Europe :-The country that is home to some of the best romantic locations throughout the world offers the finest possibilities of hosting a romantic celebration.It is almost certain that very few destinations come close to Europe when it comes to offering the exotic touch of romance in your ceremony. From the naturally beautiful Italy to the rugged landscapes of Greece, beautiful turkey to charming Cyprus, the choices are endless. Additionally, there are other countries like, Spain, France, England, and many more.Blessed with a host of exotic locations offering the best blend of natural, cultural, and historic appeal featuring a strong tourism and wedding appeal, wedding holidays in Europe is sure to offer the best experience of a lifetime.

          Sunday, April 10, 2011

          Enthralling Beach Holiday Destinations

          Beaches hold a significant position and popularity for planning a foreign trip. With every reason in their favor, the sand stretches featuring water sports activities and wonderful relaxing ambience have become a preferred vacation destination among every individual. Be it a romantic escapade, a family trip, leisure vacation, a simple weekend break, or an adventure filled tour, beach holidays offer the ultimate break from the daily routine life.
          From the sunny resorts in Balearics or Canaries, the Spanish mainland or the Southern France to the Portugal, you are sure to find pristine stretches of white sandy beaches with clear blue waters welcoming the visitors for a relaxing sunbathe or a wild party during the evening hours at the sands. However, the destinations of enjoying a vacation at the beach is not only restricted to the places mentioned above. You can also enjoy a holiday at the sands in places like, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, and Israel. If you are looking forward to a long tour then head to destinations like, Florida, Kenya, Australia, Thailand, Jamaica.

          Holidays at the Beach
          A holiday at the beach is perfect to offer the much-needed break from the routine life. Clear blue waters, soft sandy beaches, and gentle breeze forms the fascinating combination of a relaxing or a romantic sojourn. Many a things revolve around beach holidays, from selecting the right hotel to spending the vacation at the right sand strip. However, accordingly it is also to be kept in mind that favorite beach holidays is only enjoyed at the coastline of your interest. The fun and enjoyment of tour holiday is also dependent on the time that you choose for a holiday. Be it a wild dance party at Ibiza in Spain or relaxing under the sun    at    Honolulu or in Florida the     best beach holidays  also beautifully combines the attractions of a city tour.

          Best Beach Holiday Locations
          Selecting a particular location for best beach holidays is a tough job, as your enjoyment is dependent on many other considerations than the destinations. Most of the sand strips are blessed with beautiful coastlines of palm trees, white sands, and clear blue waters. You are sure to find a relaxing ambience dipped in natural beauty in every beach you visit throughout the world. However, some beaches have gained an extra edge in preference and prominence in the mind of the tourists, thanks to their abundance natural beauty and the best combination of sun, sand, and the sea.

          Here is a quick look at some of the best beach destinations that are ideal for spending a vacation -
          • Malta
          • Mexico
          • Australia
          • Thailand
          • Indonesia
          • Portugal
          • Greek Islands
          • Mombasa, Kenya
          • Caribbean Islands
          • Cape Town, South Africa

          Wednesday, March 30, 2011

          Holiday Insurance

          Whenever you are traveling in your country or in any other country ,traveling involves some risk.After reaching your desired destination, you may encounter some untoward situations. Or sometimes you may have to return to your base town in the middle of your travel due to some emergency. In some cases, a medical crisis may require immediate hospitalization. In most cases, your existing insurance policies are not sufficient to offer you adequate coverage for these risks at the time of the travel. Without adequate insurance coverage, you may be exposed to significant financial losses. So, if you are planning a safe and enjoyable journey, opting  for a holiday insurance scheme is must.

          There are various travel operators that provides holiday insurance or travel insurance like Thomas cook ,Direct holidays and even tesco provides holiday insurance.

          • Thomas Cook Insurance:-Thomas Cook is one of the leading travel operators in the world. It has been offering insurance cover to the travelers across the globe since more than 150 years. The comprehensive travel insurance policies offered by Thomas Cook make sure that you enjoy your travel peacefully and in a hazard free way.Their major holiday insurance policy includes annual insurance,single trip insurance,ski insurance and family insurance.

          • Direct Holiday Insurance:-The Direct holiday insurance policies are affordable and easily accessible. The Direct holiday insurance policies are affordable and easily accessible. The company offers a wide range of insurance plans. Not only that, every effort is made to keep the premiums low. Single Trip, Annual Travel, Ski Insurance, and Backpacker Insurance are few types of travel insurance policies offered by the company. The Underwriter for Direct Travel Insurance is Chartis Insurance UK Ltd.

          • Holiday insurance Tesco  includes different types of policies catering to the needs of diversified travelers. Policies range from single trip policy, annual multi trip policy as well as European & worldwide coverage for individuals, couples or families. Aside from the single trip and the annual multi trip insurance products, this retail giant also offers various winter sports insurance products. The winter sports insurance products include winter activities such as snowboarding on-piste and skiing.Tesco holiday insurance is offered by Ageas Insurance Limited.

          There are several holiday insurance policies  available before availing any one of them you must sit down with your tour operator or with holiday insurance company to select the best policy that caters your all needs.

          Monday, March 21, 2011

          Exotic Wedding Holiday Destinations

          A holiday is probably the best way of celebrating the most special affair and the significant day of one’s life, wedding.With time, more and more couples are showing an interest towards an abroad location for a vow-exchanging ceremony.If wedding is considered the most important day in one’s life, the holiday following the ceremony is referred as the most memorable and special vacation of a lifetime. Usually, couples plan destination wedding keeping in mind the fact of integrating their holidays with the ceremony.The concept of exchanging your vows and enjoying a vacation at the same destination has offered much popularity to the idea of wedding holidays.

          Popular wedding holiday’s destinations

          Wedding in Bali :  Be it a simple ceremony or a grand affair, Bali with its pleasant climate, romantic beaches, and beautiful churches is sure to offer you a fascinating tropical wedding experience. Some of the most popular Bali wedding locations include Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Lovina, and Jimbaran.

          Wedding in Greece :This  land features a number of destinations and setting of celebrating your wedding that includes a sunset ceremony at Santorini, barefoot beach wedding in Zakynthos, elegant ceremony at the chapels and villas, and many more.

          Wedding in Cyprus : With breath-taking scenic views, pleasant climatic condition, and wonderful destinations, this country is often considered a top pick wedding destination by the couples. Some of the most popular Cyprus wedding locations include paphos,  pissouri,  protaras ,larnaca, limassol.

          Wedding in Europe :Blessed with a host of exotic locations offering the best blend of natural, cultural, and historic appeal featuring a strong tourism and wedding appeal, wedding holidays in Europe is sure to offer the best experience of a lifetime.Some of the best wedding destinations in europe are as follows:-
          1) Italy

           Be it in a spectacular beach, a luxurious resort, or an elegant chapel, the world is filled with romantic venues settled in idyllic locations to make your ultimate dream of wedding holidays come true. A number of planners or coordinators have re-designed their wedding packages to cater to couples having a plan of holiday in mind.

          Monday, March 14, 2011

          Holiday Destinations in India

          India is famous for its diversity ,while your visit to india you can explore snow-dusted mountains to sun-washed beaches, tranquil temples to feisty festivals.The Indian subcontinent is located in the southern part of the Asian continent enclosed by Pakistan, Nepal and China. India is bounded in the north by the Himalayan mountain range, the highest chain of mountains in the world. The breathtaking valleys nestled at the foothills of India are home to the northernmost part of the country. In the southern parts of the country, tropical rain forests, expansive plateaus and extensive desert areas are present, the western and eastern coastlines of India being fringed with gorgeous sandy beaches.

          Top holiday destinations in India  :-

          Khajuraho:- is an example of rich culture heritage.It is located in the madhya pradesh.Khajuraho is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Khajuraho is one of the best tourist destinations famous for its sculptures, temples and architecture.These temples were constructed in between 950 – 1050 A.D. The name Khajuraho came from the tree “Khajur” (the date palm tree) which is found in good number in this region.You can see several beautifully engraved sculptures on the walls of the temples. The perfect balance between architecture and sculpture surely enchants you.

          Coorg:-This place is known for its timeless beauty.This place is situated on the Western Ghats about 252 kms from Bangalore in Karnataka.This place is known as Scotland of india.Coorg has many verdant trekking routes in the midst of forests and hills, and it's best to go in the months from October to February.Misty hills, lush forest, acres and acres of tea and coffee plantations, orange groves, undulating streets and breathtaking views are what make Coorg an unforgettable holiday destination.

          Taj Mahal:-Taj Mahal is an epitome of true love.This monument has found a place in the Seven Wonders of the World.Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal.It is located on the banks of River Yamuna in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Built in white marble, it is one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. It is the symbol of eternal love. This beautiful monument of love was built by great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife Rani Mumtaz Mahal after her death. It is one of the must visit attractions of the country.Visit Taj Mahal on a full moon night, and you will understand why Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan proudly proclaimed: 'The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs/ And the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes'.

          India houses a lot of tourist attractions like wildlife, hill stations, beaches etc. India has emerged as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia.

          Wednesday, March 2, 2011

          Easter Celebrations 2011

          Easter is perhaps the biggest festival among the Christians. This is celebrated in a grand away throughout the world. The underlying belief is that Jesus Christ was reborn on this day from the dead. This resurrection of God Jesus Christ lifted mankind from its fallen position. Every year, the day is celebrated in a big way and holiday is observed in many parts of the world. For the Christians, Easter holidays are special days for spiritual services and family reunion. Family members staying in different parts of the world gather together during these holidays. A notable feature of this festive occasion is Easter eggs which indicate new life. It is likely that Easter 2011 Holidays will also be celebrated with equal enthusiasm and zeal.

          Easter Celebration Around the World 
          Easter is indeed celebrated in a big way throughout the world. The festival marks not only the resurrection of the holy Jesus Christ but also the beginning of the spring season. In some parts of the world, the occasion is celebrated in a traditional way. In many European countries, bonfires on the churches and hilltops are arranged on the eve of Easter. In fact, these bonfires are arranged to welcome the spring season. The most important symbols of Easter are eggs and rabbit. Easter celebrations around the world take various forms. But, the underlying theme remains the same—the day marks the resurrection of the holy Christ from the dead.

          Easter Traditions Around the World
          Easter eggs, Easter bunny, Pre-Lent Carnivals, Easter Tree, and Easter Fire are part of the Easter traditions around the world. It is one of the most important festivities in the Christian calendar.

          Famous Easter Traditions 

           Australia   Easter celebrations in Australia begin with Shrove Tuesday and ends with Pentecost or Whitsun on Easter Sunday, which falls 50 days after Easter Sunday. Bunny and Eggs form an integral part of the Easter traditions in Australia.

           Spain Easter celebrations in Spain continue for a week. This Holy Week is known as Semana Santa. The week begins on Palm Sunday (Domongo de Ramos) and ends on Easter Monday (Lunes de Pascua).

          Germany Easter Tree and Easter Fire are popular Easter traditions observed in Germany. Brightly colored hollow eggs are hung from branches of trees in several places. Easter Fire is another significant event that takes place here.

          Tuesday, February 15, 2011

          Holi Festival of Colors

          Holi, the festival of colors, is a very fun-filled and lively festival observed by the Hindus. Holi  is a  religious festival celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs. It is primarily observed in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and countries with large Indic diaspora populations, such as Suriname, Guyana, South Africa, Trinidad, United Kingdom, United States, Mauritius, and Fiji.

          The main day, that is the second day Holi is also known as Dhuli Vandana in Sanskrit and also Dhulheti, Dhulandi or Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing coloured powder and coloured water at each other. Bonfires are lit the day before, also known as Holika Dahan (burning of Holika) or Chhoti Holi (little Holi).
          The festivities of Holi know no bounds. Wherever there are Indians, the festival is celebrated with much fanfare. People virtually play with colors and bonfire is lit to mark the victory of good over bad. Sweets and greetings are exchanged on this occasion. Holi Festival 2011 around the world will also be celebrated with same fervor and enthusiasm.

          Holi food traditions contain preparation of various food items in the families. Food items that are prepared of this occasion are papri, gujjia, and kanji ke vade. Different types of snack items such as dahi badas, puran poli, mathri and malpuas are served to the guests. Meat dishes such as kofta curry are also prepared on this occasion. Holi food traditions also include sandesh, payash and saffron milk. At the night of Holi, intoxicating bhang is prepared and consumed along with sweet laddoos. In some cases, bhang is consumed along with thandai and pakoras.
          Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month.Holi Celebration around the World takes different forms.

          Tuesday, February 1, 2011

          Romance on your holidays

          Holidays are a perfect time to romance with your special person. It can be a national or a festive holiday. You just need a reason to be together. Once you make a program, how will you romance on your holidays? It is easy. However, remember your budget also plays an important role while going for a Romantic Holidays.

          Watching a movie, taking a stroll hand in hand, enjoying a show, sitting on the edge of a lake and fishing are quite common. Small deeds oftentimes speak more than words. Few people just love to be in each others’ company for long hours without making a lot of hue and cry about their relationship. Others prefer to enjoy it in a grand way.

          If you want a silent holiday in each others’ company, set off for the woods, carry snack packets, chocolates, coffee or fresh juice and pack in your car. You can sit along the meandering stream and listen to some country music or slow numbers. Enjoy the chirping of the birds, rustle of leaves and noise of breaking twigs beneath your feet.

          On the other hand, if you want to remain in the city to enjoy your holiday, you have several options too. Book a table at a restaurant and enjoy a hearty meal. If it is a festive holiday you are enjoying (Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving), you can tour around the city to watch lighting displays and decoration. On these occasions the public places are decorated and there are food stalls nearby. You can try out different dishes. If you are close to a village, oftentimes, the tribe residing in the villages has local cuisine of their own.

          On Halloween, dress up in one of the Halloween costumes and enjoy a party with your friends, either in a club or at home.

          If you are close to a beach holiday destinations, there are recreational activities that you both can enjoy. It can be parasailing, going for a banana ride, water skiing, and the like. So, gear up for a romantic Valentine's Day holiday   and spend quality time with your spouse.

          Sunday, January 30, 2011

          Entertainment with upcoming Cricket Cup

          The  Cricket World Cup 2011  is again round the corner. The mega cricketing event is scheduled to begin from 19th February in the South Asian Countries of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. As the game of cricket is followed like a religion in these nations, entertainment with upcoming Cricket Cup is likely to surpass all the previous World Cups. People in the Indian subcontinent are crazy about cricket. Like all the World Cup of the previous years, Cricket World Cup 2011 is likely to evoke same kind of response from the spectators as well as from the sponsors. Cricket World Cup is the fourth largest sporting event in the world and is one of the most viewed events across the globe.

          In the upcoming mega cricket tournamenet, 14 teams that will take part have already been divided in to two groups. The tournament will last for forty three days and forty nine exciting matches will be held between different cricketing nations across the globe. Out of the forty nine matches, India will host 29 matches. Sri Lanka will host 12 matches and 8 matches will be organized in Bangladesh.

          Preparations are on a full swing and countdown for this grand sporting event has already begun.Cricket World Cup 2011 venues are making last minute arrangements. Stadiums across the three host countries which got the chance to host World Cup matches are making last minute arrangements to make the tournament a success. The Wankhade Stadium, Mumbai, India is going to host the final of 2011 on 2nd April.  Large scale restructuring have already been made, number of seats has been increased and adequate security arrangements have already been made for the grand final. It is expected that all the matches will be massive crowd pullers. The cricket fans will be able to book tickets online also.

          All the participating nations have started devising their strategies and fans across the globe have already been engaged in hot debates regarding the probable champion of the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

          Wednesday, January 19, 2011

          Romance on Valentine's Day

          Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly a day for the lovers and anyone who cares and has affection for his close ones. However, over the years people have found out different ways to celebrate this special day of love. Ranging from concerts, events, and various types of celebrations, you can make this day an unforgettable one. So, in your quest to look for romance on Valentine’s Day in 2011, don’t miss out on the fun-filled and exciting events that take place in different places in your city or town.

           Valentine’s Day Events Ideas for 2011 
          Events are organized by different cultural clubs and other organizations every year. In 2011 too, a couple of events are scheduled to take place. Given below is one such event. Read further to know more about the event.
          Michael Amanta at Red Bank
           Location – 99 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701
          Contact – 732 842 9000
          The cost of the tickets start from USD$19.50 and if you are traveling in a group, you can avail group discounts. This is an opera performance where you can enjoy numbers like “Nessun Dorma” and “O Sole Mio”. This event is being presented by Count Basie Theater.

           Valentine’s Day Concerts 2011
          Concerts are held all across the world to celebrate romance on Valentine’s Day. France is also one of the venues for such concerts.
          Romantic Tempest on Valentine’s Day –February 2011 Orchestre du Capitole is the most popular orchestra in and around France. Eminent musical stalwarts like Georges Pretre and Andre Clutyens have been part of this orchestra at one point of time. This Valentine’s Day the concert will be held at Auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines a Toulouse, 31200 Toulouse, Contact – 0561223105, 05 62 27 67 95. The concert will take place on February 14th 2011 at 20:00PM. The cost of the ticket is 21.8 euros. Toulouse is a city that is located in the southwestern part of France.

          Valentine’s Day Celebrations
          Setting off for balloon rides and cruise trips are 2 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th 2011.

           Valentine’s Day Cruise
          Live DJ performance, buffet meals, and complimentary champagne, beautiful roses, and chocolates are included in the cruise package you can buy for Valentine’s Day celebrations in 2011. The cruise ship is leaving Lincoln Harbor in New Jersey. The duration of the ride is 7PM to 10PM. Cost of the package is USD$129/person.

           Hot Air Balloon Ride This is a 3 and a half hour balloon ride with complimentary champagne and other non alcoholic drinks. You will glide over Spruce Run Reservoir. Romantic packages are available with provision for one night bed and breakfast.

          Tuesday, January 18, 2011

          What to do on Chinese New Year

          Chinese New Year 2011 is the most awaited  festival among the Chinese. The Chinese in the mainland China and in other countries of the world celebrate the occasion in a grand way. Chinese New Year Celebration Activities include traditional rituals as well many modern festivities. According to the Chinese calendar, the festivities begin on the first day of the Lunar Moon and ends after fifteen days on the Full Moon Day.  Chinese New Year 2011 will be held on February 3.

          Chinese New Year Activities
          What to do on Chinese New Year? You can do a large number of things during this festival. The New Year is a celebration of change. Generally, it falls in January or February. Below here we provide you a list of things that you can do during this festival.
          Before the New Year Eve

          Before the New Year’s Eve, the following things are done.The entire house is cleaned properly.
          All the debts are paid.All kinds of differences with friends, family members and business partners are resolved. Red money envelopes, flowers and circular candy tray are purchased.  On the New Year’s EveWhat to do on Chinese New Year Eve? Below here is a list of things to do.

          1)Family get together.
          2)Reunion dinner.
          3)To pay respect to household gods & ancestors.
          4) Open all the doors & windows of your house at the midnight to let the old year go.

          On New Year’s Day
          On the New Year’s Day, you can do many things. You can decorate your house as well as you can prepare special food.

          Decoration ideas
          Colors: Bright red, gold/orange.
           Fruits: Oranges and tangerines, persimmons, tangerines with leaves intact.
          Flowers: It is believed that if flowers bloom on this day, the whole year will be prosperous.

          Food ideas
           Jai:  Jai comprises of ginkgo nut, black moss, dried bean curd, bamboo shoots, vermicelli and scallion.
          Fish and chicken: Fish & chicken represent prosperity.
          Noodles: It represents longevity.
          Desserts: It includes oranges, cake.
          All  the above mentioned Chinese New Year Celebration Activities help you in celebrating this festival with true spirit.

          Monday, January 3, 2011

          Where to go in 2011

          The year 2011 has just begun. Where to go in 2011 has definitely come in the minds of many who have plans to visit some exotic places. Below  here  is  a  list  of  few  popular  holiday destinations for 2011.

          Crete Island
          This is the largest island in Greece. The nearly 1000 km coastline of the Island is replete with soft white sandy beaches. This wonderful island has many things to offer to the tourists such as the beautiful beaches, mountainous landscapes, charming towns & villages, excellent food and happening nightlife.

          This is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. The important feature of this place is that it is relatively cheap than other European holiday destinations. The country is gradually receiving recognition as a top tourist place in the world. Tourists in this country feel very welcome and safe throughout their visit in this country.

          Paris, France
          Paris is considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Aside from this, the rich history and the cultural heritage of this city, draw a large number of visitors every year here. In recent years, the city has also grown itself as an ideal place for family vacations. The city is always a great place for romantic vacations. There is a large number of night clubs, bars and restaurants spreading across the city. Like every year, the city could be one of the great holiday destinations for 2011.

          Recently, Tunisia has grown as a popular holiday destination. Nearly, seven million tourists flock to this country every year. Aside from the sandy beaches and sun sea, the country boasts of a rich culture and history. Top holiday destinations in Tunisia are  Dougga, Bizerte, Medina .There are many beach resorts located in these places.